1How I can know if my reservation has been confirmed
  • Whether you made the reservation througt our website or by email, you should receive an email confirmation about your reservation wthing 24 hours of your request. Please check your spam/unwnated mail folder.

2I made a reservation and haven´t received the email confirmation.
  • All the reservations are confirmed within 24 hours. Please check your spam/unwanted mail folder. If you haven’t received an email confirmation, get in touch with us by calling +34952105050 (from Monday to Sunday, 9-14:00 and 16-20:00) or +34629436571 if you cannot wait. 

3Can I reserve a vehicle for today ?
  • To reserve a vehicle on the same day, you should do so by calling +34 952 10 50 50 or our mobile phone +34 629 436 571 and we’ll confirm your reservation, if we have vehicles available.

4Must I pay when I make a reservation ?
  • No payment will be charged when you make the reservation. Once we give you the car, the payment will be made on your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or cash).

5Can I drive my car outside Andalusia ?
  • It is not permitted. The rented vehicle is only authorized to drive in the autonomous community of Andalusia and Gibraltar (this doesn’t include Ceuta, Melilla, Morocco, etc). If you wish to rent a vehicle to go to Portugal or Morocco, please contact us, we have special conditions for this type of rentals.

6What happens with traffic fines ?
  • If we receive a traffic fine we are obliged by law to communicate the details of the driver as listed on the rental contract, we will charge 20 euros for processing the documentation.

7What documents do I need to rent a car ?
  • You need a passport or valid identity card, driver’s license and credit card.

8From what age can I rent a car ?
  • The renter, and all additional drivers, must be at least 23/25 years old (depends on the vehicle to rent) and have a driver’s license at least 2 years old.

9What do the prices include ?
  • The price includes the rental of the vehicle, VAT and insurance with excess. 

    In the case that the vehicle suffers an accident during the rental, the renter must pay damages up to a maximum quantity equal to the amount of the excess. This amount varies depending on the value of the vehicle rented.

10What extras can I reserve with TRANSAUTO rent a car ?
  • 2 nd additional driver free.

    Additional driver.

    Baby seat.

    Booster seat.

    Isofix baby seat.


11With how much gas do I receive the vehicle ?
  • The vehicle is delivered to you with half a fuel tank and must be returned with the same amount. If the vehicle is returned with less fuel, we will charge it to the credit card.

12What happend if my flight is delayed ?
  • We will know if there are any delays with your flight and will be waiting for you at the time of your arrival. For this, please provide us with your flight number, as this will help us know the exact time of your arrival.

13Is there an extra charge for after-hours ?
  • After-hours are charged as follows:

    - A supplement of €20 for deliveries from 20:00 - 22:30.

    - A supplement of €25 for deliveries from 22:30 - 9:00 the next day.

14What happens if the car breaks down or is in an accident ?
  • All our contracts provide a 24x7 roadside assistance service with multi language capacity. Insurance agency Mapfre 902 448 844

    You may also call us at +34 952 10 50 50 during office hours (Monday to Sunday from 9:00 - 14:00 and 16:00 - 20:00) or at +34 952 10 50 50 at any other time.

15Can I extend the rental of the car once L´ve signed the contract ?
  • The rental can be extended if the vehicle is available but you’ll need to pass by our offices to sign the new contract.

16Can I take pets in the car ?
  • You can take pets with you in the car as long as you protect the seats. An additional interior cleaning fee may be charged depending on the state of the car when returned.

17How do I pick up the car from the Málaga airport or Málaga Ave station ?
  • Aeropuerto de Málaga

    We’ll be waiting for you with a sign reading TRANSAUTO in the arrival hall (Terminal 3). We’ll be on the left side, just below the flight information panels. If you arrive and our staff hasn’t arrived yet, wait for them next to the information panel and you’ll be taken to your car.

    María Zambrano train station (Malaga)

    At the María Zambrano train station we’ll be waiting for you with an TRANSAUTO sign at the platform exit (next to the lifts).

18What if my reservation is confirmed but when I arrive no one from TRANSAUTO rent a car is waiting for me ?
  • If this happens during our office hours (Monday - Sunday from 9:00 - 14:00 and 16:00 - 20:00) call us on +34 952 10 50 50.

    Outside these hours you can contact us on +34 629 436 571.

19Can you deliver my car to my address or hotel ?
  • Yes, we offer that service but you need to ckeck with us availabitlity and prices in advance.

20Where and how do I return the vehicle to the Málaga airport ?
  • To return the vehicle to the Malaga airport, you should leave it in the public parking EXPRESS lot of the airport. The day of your arrival, the staff of TRANSAUTO who receives you in the airport will explain exactly where and how to return the car.

    Here you have detailed instructions on how to return the car.

21Where and how do I return the vehicle to the Málaga Ave station ?
  • Whoever receives you upon your arrival will also explain to you how to return the vehicle.

22Who is allowed to drive the vehicle ?
  • Whoever signed the contract is allowed to drive the vehicle, as long as they meet the requirements of TRANSAUTO, i.e. at least 23/25 years old and with a driver’s license of at least 2 years.

    A companion can also drive the vehicle as long as TRANSAUTO is informed and all required documentation is provided.

23Is the mileage unlimited ?
  • The kilometres are unlimited, bearing in mind that you can only travel in Andalusia and Gibraltar.